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Our treatment philosophy involves patient education as well as patient involvement in making therapeutic decisions. By understanding the nature of your condition, you can better understand the options that are available and tailor them to meet your needs and situation. We have a wide range of treatment options to help you. We believe in our “ladder approach” when discussing these options. In general there are three steps to our treatment ladder. The “first step” for treatment of your problem may be more conservative.
Depending on your condition this may mean physical therapy to help strengthen and retrain muscles. It may mean behavioral changes to optimize your situation by modifying fluids and types of activities. Whatever the options may be on this step, the risks are low to non existent. Many times, this step may solve the problem. If needed, the “second step” on the treatment ladder may involve pharmacologic management of your condition. Educating you about the benefits of certain pharmacologic therapies for specific problems will help guide you in this area. Medicines are usually not our first choice for therapies but may be very appropriate for certain conditions. Many of the medicines we use with their risks and benefits are listed here. The “third step” in our treatment ladder is surgical intervention. Surgery is not indicated in every case. This step is used when the first two steps do not or cannot successfully treat the problem. As with all our approaches, the treatment ladder is individualized for your care and will be discussed with you.


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